Special filament

Special filament


  • G9 lamp series

    - AC integrated design saves lamp power supply, 250lm/2W.

    - L70≥15000H.

    - Withstand voltage 2*230v+1000v;

    - Color temperature deviation ±100K.

    - Small size,simple structure.

    - Application:chandeliers and floor lamps.

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  • Flexible light strip

    - 1000lm/M, void rate <10%, L70≥15000H, no dead light in twist test;

    - COB integrated package, no dots, more uniform light and color;

    - Flexible and bendable, suitable for different scenarios and structural designs;

    - Freely cut and spliced, the minimum size is 62.5mm, the maximum size is 5m;

    - Small package size and light emitting surface , the application field is wide;

    - Flip chip packaging leads to excellent reliability;

    - Unique serial and parallel structure design, double guarantee of craftsmanship and quality;

    - widely used in showcase, home, restaurant etc.

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  • Flexible filament series

    - Efficiency can reach 145lm/w

    - Void rate < 10%

    - L70≥6000H

    - High reliability,no dead light during twist testing.

    - Flexiable for all kinds of design.

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