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EMC 3030 series

Color LED

Characteristics of the

- High power, high light efficiency;

- Stable light color, long life;

- High air tightness and corrosion resistance; Energy efficiency high

- High reliability in high temperature and humidity environment;

- All kinds of color light and full spectrum white light for choice, and can be customized development according to need

- EMC 3030 with lens: 30°/60°/120°

EMC 3030 series
EMC 3030 series

Product Parameters

DescriptionPart No.ColorTest currentVF(Type)@IFWavelength/CCTPPF(type)@IF μmol/JPPE(type)@IF μmol/JAngle
Horti EMC3030 1Wrf-al-e30l2k0b-02Royal Blue350mA3440-460nm2.572.4530°
rf-al-e30l2k0b-01Royal Blue350mA3440-460nm2.632.5260°
rf-al-e30l2k0b-00Royal Blue350mA3440-460nm2.592.47120°
rf-al-e30l2k0dr-02Deep Red350mA2655-670nm2.092.8430°
rf-al-e30l2k0dr-01Deep Red350mA2655-670nm2.122.7560°
rf-al-e30l2k0dr-00Deep Red350mA2655-670nm2.162.93120°
rf-al-e30l2k0fr-02Far Red350mA1.9730-740nm1.512.2730°
rf-al-e30l2k0fr-01Far Red350mA1.9730-740nm1.462.260°
rf-al-e30l2k0fr-00Far Red350mA1.9730-740nm1.562.34120°
Horti EMC3030 0.2-0.5WRF-**HQ30DS-FH-2NWhite60mA2.72700-6500K0.523.25120°

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