Three Kinds Of Power Series Combination

FCOB Lamp Series


- No light spot linear strip, Light Angle 180 °,CRI > 90,100 LM/W ,single end power supply maximum length of 5m;

- Three kinds of power products in one, for customers to freely choose power consumption applications;

- Suitable for dark slot backlight/outline hook and other supporting applications.

Technology Spec.

Product Size Product NO. Chip number VF(V) Power(W) Luminous efficiency(lm/W) CCT(K) Ra Shear unit(mm)
12mm RF-S12C-W2SV480H-K4 480 24V 5W
>85 2700 90 50mm
12mm RF-S12C-W3SV480H-K4 480 24V >90 3000 90 50mm
12mm RF-S12C-W4SV480H-K4 480 24V >95 4000 90 50mm
12mm RF-S12C-W6SV480H-K4 480 24V >100 6000 90 50mm
12mm RF-S12C-RNNN480H-K4 480 24V —— Red 90 50mm
12mm RF-S12C-GNNN480H-K4 480 24V —— Green 90 50mm
12mm RF-S12C-BNNN480H-K4 480 24V —— Blue 90 50mm

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