3535RGBW/3535W Series

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3535RGBW/3535W Series


Characteristics of the

- Diffusion design: matte surface, soft light shape, surface light luminescence characteristics; Lambert volume diffuse perspective, RGB light mixing effect is good.

- Low light decay, high reliability: the design of foreign high reliability chemical materials; Combined with the unique packaging design process, can ensure the whole product life cycle and provide stable light output.

- High contrast: all black (surface & AMP; Side) ink-jet technology; The SMD internal cavity is a white highly reflective modified PPA layer to ensure the highest reflection efficiency.

3535RGBW/3535W Series
3535RGBW/3535W Series
3535RGBW/3535W Series
3535RGBW/3535W Series

Product Parameters

Part NumberL/F TypeColorTest Condition(mA)Iv (RCM)D (nm)VF(V)50% Power Angle
RF-W1SA35WS-AW2-**All WhiteR20825618-628.1.7-2.4110
RF-30MI35DS-EC-YSurface BlackW2070003000K2.7-3.4110
RF-40MI35DS-EC-YSurface BlackW2070004000K2.7-3.4110
RF-30MI35DS-CR-YSurface BlackW2067003000K2.7-3.4110
RF-30MI35DS-CR-YSurface BlackW2067004000K2.7-3.4110

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