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1212 Series


Characteristics of the

- Suitable for P1.9-P2.5 outdoor display;

- High backpressure resistance: the brand light emitting chip is used to control the semiconductor backpressure resistance specification from the material, coupled with strict production line grading control, to meet the requirements of the display screen with high refresh frequency;

- 1212 outdoor in full color

1212 Series
1212 Series
1212 Series
1212 Series

Product Parameters

Part NumberL/F TypeColorTest Condition(mA)Iv (RCM)D (nm)VF(V)50% Power Angle
RF-W2SA12IS-A47Surface BlackR10270618-628..1.7-2.4110
RF-W2SA12HS-A47All BlackR10180618-628..1.7-2.4110

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