Refond Mini LED Application Solutions Appeared at ALE Exhibition

Jun 11, 2021

On June 3-4, the 16th Automotive Lighting Industry Development Technology Forum and the 7th Shanghai International Automotive Lighting Exhibition (ALE) was held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center in 2021. This exhibition has attracted the participation of many enterprises.

Cars, as the first choice of transportation tools at present, have become an indispensable part of people's daily life. While convenient, safety and comfort are also topics that cannot be avoided. Among them, vehicle lighting and display play the most important role. As a leading provider of automotive light source and display application solutions, Refond Optoelectronics brought a variety of Mini LED series lighting and display case products to the attendees. From the outside to the inside, let's take a look.

Dynamic and popular, highlight the personality

Mini LED rear light concept, the choice of the future trend

What is your first impression of a car? Some people may say that the cool appearance, the atmospheric interior, the super sense of power... Indeed, the characteristics of the car are rich, almost every item can touch people, but the details show the technology. Car rear lights, we are used to the various functions under automobile regulations. Of course, these functions are indispensable, but can we reflect these functions with a cooler and more personalized display?

mini 车尾灯

Refond Optoelectronics utilizes the special-shaped display characteristics of Mini LED, and when the brightness and light attenuation are better than general light sources, the Mini LED tear light concept is introduced to meet the functions of automobile regulations and can also display various personalized effects , increase the variety of car rear light effects. At the exhibition site, the Mini LED tear light display area attracted many participants to stop and aroused praises.

Mini LED Taillight Effect
Mini LED Taillight Effect

Extreme color rendering, deep interaction

Mini LED flexible backlight, new breakthrough in vehicle display

As a bridge for human-vehicle interaction, the on-board display largely determines the driving results of the car driver. Mini LED backlight display is one of its biggest features when it is compared to conventional vehicle displays. The 12.3-inch Mini LED central control display displayed at the Refond booth is equipped with a contrast button between the conventional display and the Mini LED display. From the scene effect, the excellent display effect of Mini LED won the attention of the participants, and conducted in-depth discussions.

The 12.3 inch Mini LED central control screen on display is provided by the customer. It adopts Refond Mini LED backlight display scheme. The backlight board adopted has the characteristics of ultra-thin, flexible, regional dimming, high brightness and high contrast, etc.

12.3寸mini LED显示屏展示

Space shaping, unique taste

Mini LED ambient light, reverie in a space

Under the space of cars, more and more people's lives have been carried. The shaping of space quality and taste is closely related to the application of light. Refond Mini LED atmosphere light strip contains monochrome, full-color breathing, running water, rhythm and other effects, and the process is adjustable to meet the atmosphere creation under different emotions, which not only enriches the atmosphere in the car, but also echoes the emotions of the car owner. Provides the necessary foil for shaping the life of this space.

Refond Mini LED ambient light strip adopts the principle of measuring light emission, fits the car body, and satisfies the streamlined design of the car body. The presentation of multiple effects creates favorable conditions for the creation of the interior space atmosphere and emotional resonance.

Factory-Installed Products

Hot-pressed eutectic and phosphor in glass technology

Refond optoelectronics high-power 1~5 core ceramic products use the advanced hot-pressed eutectic technology to reduce the thermal resistance of the product to below 4K/W. At the same time, it is equipped with inorganic fluorescent glass sheet technology to provide the product with excellent thermal conductivity and High temperature life. Compared with the reflow soldering eutectic and powder spraying/silicone film encapsulation process used in the same type of products in the after-installation market, it perfectly solves the reliability problems of poor thermal conductivity, dark cracks, leaky lamps, and glue cracks. It is specially designed for factory-installed products. Developed for the market, pursuing high reliability requirements.

真 · 前装—— 热压共晶 + 玻璃荧光片技术