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The Latest Flexible LED Strip You Should Never Miss for Your Backlit Keyboard


Recently, one of the noticeable trends in computer equipment is the popularity of backlit keyboards. In case people are confused about them, let's explain a bit about them here. Backlit keyboards feature a light source behind the keys particularly helpful for people to work in a dark environment. However, the reasons that they are sought-after among keyboard enthusiasts are far from that.


One benefit of backlit keyboards with the flexible LED strip is that they are aesthetically pleasing with colorful lightning emitting. Besides that, backlit keyboards bring users a more comfortable typing experience. Nevertheless, these benefits are primarily attributed to the help of the flexible LED strip. Since the flexible LED strip brings such great advantages, here we will introduce the updated flexible LED strip that can be applied to backlit keyboards.




The Disadvantages of the Light Source of Traditional Backlit Keyboards

As aforementioned, backlit keyboards with flexible LED strip lights bring great benefits to users, while those with traditional light sources hardly achieve the same desirable effects. Traditional backlight keyboards primarily use lamps and SMD PKG as the light source, which is confronted with some challenges.


Here are some of their shortcomings:

l A lack of compatibility

l Heaviness

l Inefficient CRI (color rendering index)

l High risk of damage


In fact, These childhood make traditional backlit keyboards hardly satisfy users' needs, especially for those keyboard enthusiasts.  



M-CSP0603 Flexible LED Strip Is the Best Solution to Tackle Challenges

Amid such challenges, traditional backlit keyboards eagerly await other solutions instead of using lamps and SMD PKG as the light source. What is worth mentioning is that there is an updated M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip from Refond that can overcome the weaknesses of traditional light sources. Its innovative features make it the best solution for backlit keyboards.


1. Lightweight

Being heavy is one of the obvious weaknesses of the traditional light source, while the M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip can well solve this problem. With its size of 0.6mmX0.30mmX0.16mm, our M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip is much tiny than users imagine, making it the ideal option for those who love handiness.


2. Minimalist Packaging Structure

="MsoNormal" align="justify" style="text-align:justify;" > We always uphold the user-oriented value, which embodies in our M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip. We try to bring users a more convenient experience, so we designed our M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip with a minimalist packaging structure. Our M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip is featured with no gold wire bonding, which is in accordance with the high-frequency vibration requirements of the keyboard.


3. Great Color Uniformity

With the luminous intensity ranging from 60-90 mcd, our M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip offers high resolution. Also, the viewing angle of this flexible LED strip reaches 150 deg, meaning that more spaces can be covered with lightning without compromising the color uniformity. This great color uniformity performance shows our powerful backlight technology.


With our M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip applied to backlit keyboards, working or playing computer games in the darkness will never be a problem for people.  




4. Wide Application

Due to the abovementioned great merits, our M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip has wide application scenarios. It is especially applicable to backlit keyboards. Whether they are ultra-thin backlit keyboards, folding backlit keyboards, or flexible backlit keyboards, our M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip can be well matched with them. Apart from being applied to backlit keyboards, it also applies to status indicators and commercial units.  


Choose Refond as the Supplier of the Latest Flexible LED Strip

Our M-CSP0603 flexible LED strip is always the best choice for backlit keyboards. If people have any problems with flexible LED strips, we are always here to help them. Refond, as the leader in LED industries, promises to bring the best-LED solution to our clients. We have made great breakthroughs in flexible LED strips with better lighting quality, flexibility, and high resolution. At the same time, we ensure all the latest flexible LED strips we offer are cost-effective and eco-friendly.


If you want the state-of-the-art flexible LED strip for backlit keyboards, please don't hesitate to contact us for the latest flexible LED strip. We are always willing to offer our clients best product and service.

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