Commercial lighting

Commercial Lighting

Refond can provide customized product design according to customers' application requirements to achieve packaging solutions with different package sizes, power, CRI and spectrum, covering the mainstream aluminum-based, ceramic and other packaging forms in the market, involving 3W-100W or even more High-power color light, white light, dimmable commercial lighting package COB accurately meets new product development and customer product program design needs, also can provide professional and accurate commercial lighting package and lighting technology solutions

Product Series

  • Low&Middle power LED

    We provide excellent commercial led to guarantee the best lighting effects to boost your sale.

    - Material of lead frame:PPA/PCT;

    - SDCM≤5;LM80;Rohs

    - L70>54Khrs,L90>36Khrs

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    - Various colors can be customized;

    - Various spectra can be customized.

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