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The 2835 series

Color LED

Characteristics of the

- Long life, stable light color; High efficiency;

- High air tightness and corrosion resistance; High reliability in high temperature and humidity environment;

- All kinds of color light and full spectrum white light for choice, and can be customized according to the needs of development;

- Medium and small power, full range of products to meet various needs;

-2835 color series (covering 450/660/730 band, can be customized to cover PAR400-800nm);

-2835 chip plus phosphor color series (low cost, customizable plant lighting band and spectrum);

-2835 white light full spectrum series (simulated sunlight spectrum or customized spectrum, to meet the growth cycle of various plants, can also improve the humanized lighting environment of plant factories).

Product Parameters

DescriptionColorPart No.Test currentVF(Type)@IFWavelength/CCTPPF(typ)@IF μmol/sPPE(typ)@IF μmol/sAngle
Horti 2835 0.2/0.5W monochromatic lightDeep RedRF-OURI35TS-EE-N-Y60mA2.2655-670nm0.342.4120°
Royal BlueRF-AL-A28352H0RB-00150mA3440-460nm1.122.35120°
Deep RedRF-AL-A28352H0DR-00150mA2655-670nm0.872.85120°
Deep RedRF-AL-A28352H0DR-01150mA2655-670nm0.872.85120°
Far RedRF-AL-T28352H0FR-00150mA1.9730-740nm0.72.5120°
Horti 2835 0.2/0.5W white lightFull spectrumRF-W*QI35DS-EF-N-Y60mA2.92200-6500K0.382.21120°
Full spectrumRF-W40QI35DS-DF-J-Y150mA3.14000K0.861.8120°
PC AmberRF-WYRI35DS-DF-J-Y150mA3.1PC Amber0.982.04120°

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