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RGBW full color series

Module & Light Strips

Characteristics of the

- RGBW four-in-one linear lamp strip without light spot, light Angle 180°, waterproof rating: IP20, minimum bending radius: 50mm, maximum service length of single end power supply 5m;

- Realize up to thousands of color distribution, widely applicable to all kinds of RGBW dimming controller;

- Suitable for dark slot backlight/contour hook and other supporting applications, home and entertainment area environment application effect switching excellent.

RGBW full color series
RGBW full color series

Product Parameters

Product sizeProduct modelChip numberVF voltage (V)Power P (W)brightnessColorsShear unit
Mixed White:2800
R:620 ±5nm
G:525 ±5nm
B:470 ±5nm

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