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Strip lamp module

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Characteristics of the

- High light efficiency, good color uniformity;

- Good heat dissipation, PCB board thickness: 1.5mm, thermal conductivity: 1.5W/MK, copper thickness is 75 microns;

- The design of the module is excellent, and the voltage difference between the head and tail of the four modules together is less than 0.3V;

- The module can change the color temperature every 100K, the explicit can change from 81 to 95;

Main application scenarios: factory workshop, car wash, gym, office, home, bookstore, conference room, hospital, campus, etc.

Strip lamp module
Strip lamp module

Product Parameters

Part Numbermodule voltage(V)module current(mA)module power(W)(lm/W)module efficacyCRImodule viewing anglemodule size(mm)
RT-MTDAB2T18-E140-538 and 16 series14-20120-180.....80120582 * 24 * 1.5
RF-MTD302T18-E140-534 and 16 series14-20110-150..80120582 * 24 * 1.5
RF-MTD302T08-E140-533 and 15On June 8th110-150..80120582 * 24 * 1.5

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