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2835 (Solar Spectrum) series

White light

Characteristics of the

- Continuous spectral saturation, simulates sunlight;

- Used in human lighting, table lamp, eye protection lighting, etc.;

- High light efficiency, high heat resistance Tj max=135℃;

- High sulfur resistance, IPSL coating process;

- Health, sunfeel;

- High reliability, ≥500 rounds of cold flushing;

- Closest to sunlight, effectively reduce the harm of blue light from LED lighting source.

2835 (Solar Spectrum) series
2835 (Solar Spectrum) series

Product Parameters

Part Number specification The difference between
RF-**QI32DS-FH-N (3 where v0. 2 w)
Ra 95 + ANSL / 26-28 to 30 or higher lm / 3-6 SDCM
Purple light chip
The solar spectrum

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