[Business Expanding] Refond Opto Korea, Co., Ltd. Signing Ceremony

The chairman of SHENZHEN REFOND OPTOELECTRONICS CO LTD, Mr. Gong Weibing and the chairman of JinsungPrism Co., Ltd, Mr. Richard Park, met at REFOND OPTOELECTRONICS SHENZHEN Headquarters and confirmed the establishment of Refond Opto Korea, Co., Ltd, and held a signing ceremony. Refond Opto Korea, Co., Ltd. will in charge of the promotions and sales of REFOND products in Korean market (Expect Automotive products).


Mr. Gong Weibin, chairman of REFOND OPTOELECTRONICS CO LTD and Mr. Richard Park , chairman of JinsungPrism Co., Ltd attended the signing ceremony.


The establishment of Refond Opto Korea, Co. has important strategic significance. The Korean subsidiary will further expand the share of REFOND products in the Korean market and can meet the diversified demand of Korean customers for the led market and related electronic components market. In the future, REFOND OPTO will continue to enhance its brand influence, global distribution, accelerate the pace of overseas market expansion, and bring quality products to more customers.