Industry's smallest Pitch0.49mm Mini / Micro LED display module shows at Touch Taiwan Expo

Touch Taiwan Smart Display Expo, an annual display industry event in Taiwan, was grandly held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei on August 28. This exhibition brought together many industry leaders. The focus of this exhibition is Mini / Micro LED. After the joint efforts and coordinated development of the entire industry chain such as packaging and testing manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and application manufacturers in recent years, many Mini LED / Micro LED officially landed on the mainstream display stage, there is a tendency to compete with LCD and OLED, and industry insiders even exclaimed that the Smart Display Exhibition has successfully transformed into a "New LED Exhibition".


With the introduction of new-generation LED displays, Samsung Onyx LED movie screen installation, and Huawei ’s smart ecological screen consumers, Sanan ’s 12 billion Hubei Mini / Micro LED display chip industrialization project, Konka ’s 30 billion Chongqing Semiconductor Optoelectronic Industrial Park, Enter again; mobile Internet terminals, smart home terminals, and smart car terminals are entering the era of ultra-high-definition, large-screen, and ultra-intelligence in advance due to the rapid arrival of 5G.

In this exhibition, Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., which has cultivated Mini / Micro LED for many years and was the first to introduce heavy customers, has a low profile. The reporter found that in a "not-so-obtrusive" corner, Refond Optoelectronics ’latest innovative product Mini / Micro LED Pitch0.49mm display module was displayed. The comprise of four-module display module barely showed the screen without any fence, and allowed  visitors to press, touch, and take pictures. When reporters and the industry advanced to see the parameter identification card to identify the basic product parameter Pitch 0.49mm, and the temperature of the touch product was extremely low, they were all surprised.

The industry advanced asked the product announcer in detail, and stated that the Pitch 0.49mm Mini / Micro LED display module displayed by Refond Optoelectronics is the smallest pitch module at present, but the company is very low-key and only displays products. The speaker introduced that Refond Optoelectronics has been adhering to the concept of innovative technology and enriching human life, innovating products on the ground and creating value for customers. Although Pitch 0.49mm is the smallest Pitch value product, the entire industry chain must work together to optimize product costs. And the company is continuing to invest in products with smaller pitches and has achieved breakthrough results.



Refond Mini/Micro LED Roadmap

Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is an innovative LED manufacturer in China. This time, the company brought three generations of Mini / Micro LED products to the Taiwan Display Show for the first time, showing the industry's latest innovations, supply chain integration capabilities and mass production delivery capabilities .

The Pitch 0.68mm 118-inch true color 4K large screen exhibited by a third-party customer this time, the entire screen temperature is controlled to 40 degrees, and the last large screen is opened to enter the smart home life link, so that consumers have a good user experience, Mass production has been achieved, and customers have been delivered in batches. The smallest Pitch 0.49mm products on display at the same time can achieve 85-inch true color 4K and 170-inch true color 8K. Both products display 6000: 1 true color, NTSC: 140, and can be customized according to customer needs with different glossy finishes and stitching in different application sizes. At the same time, it is used for Mini LED in the field of mobile phone backlight. The company's product cost structure has been close to that of traditional LCD, and a basic mass production line has been established.

Refond Optoelectronics stated that in order to realize the beautiful life of human beings and show the beauty of all things in the world, the company will continue to deeply explore the Mini / Micro LED market and provide cost-effective products and services to its partners. The company has deep cultivation and layout in smart big screen, PC, mobile terminal, car, wearable, VR and other fields, and has been verified and recognized by a large number of important customers.