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Knowing the Technology Behind Mini Display Solutions


Every new encapsulation method and technological breakthrough has revolutionized the modern LED market. We now live in an era where the advanced capabilities of mini display solutions can be compounded into entire entertainment walls. However, understanding the basics of this technology goes a long way to ensure you are selecting the best possible product for your display needs.


The Flip-Chip Mini COB Technology Behind Mini Display Solutions


Every evolution of lighting and display tech has used new advanced technology. The current state-of-the-art product base for mini display solutions is COB LED video. COB means "chips on bard" and is a circuit board manufacturing method where the integrated microprocessors are all wired, bonded, and covered to ensure durability.


The idea behind this manufacturing innovation is to ensure the chip and bonding wire are sealed, so the ultra-fine electronic components remain stable. This also allows the LED lighting module to output more optical power through a significantly lower thermal resistance - thus a better brilliance for a smaller display.


The Competitive Edge of Flip-Chip Mini COB Technology


With so much of this mini display solution technology being durable and in a smaller form, the advantages for modern mini LED screen manufacturers are numerous, including:


, Ultra - High Reliability

The overlay of glues and epoxies means the final product is more moisture resistant and able to handle collisions or shocks from normal wear and tear. The lack of exposed points improves the stability of the display.


, a Small Pixel Pitch

COB does not have the same restrictions as SMD LED packages. It can be compounded and replicated across multiple units to achieve a higher pixel density with broader display flexibility.


, Light Source Change

Every manufacturer is out to get the least amount of display glare. With COB, you get more control over the pixel center that moves the light source to the surface, reducing visual fatigue and enhancing total light characteristic control regardless of distance from viewing point.


, Fully Sealed Structure

All of the solder leads and feet are enclosed in glue or sealed structures that prevent moisture and other contaminants. This allows the technology to be used in numerous environmental settings.


The Features and Advantages of Mini Display Solutions


All of this advancement in design and technology allows you and your viewers to experience a far more rewarding visual experience. That is because quality mini display solutions provide:


: 36.0000 pt; Text text-indent: 18.0000 pt; text-align:justify;" > · Higher Contrast Ratio

The deeper the blacks and shadows of a display, the better the picture will end up looking to the viewer. This is true even at longer viewing distances or odd angles.


Who, Brightness

You end up with crisp, vivid colors due to the increase in brightness. This results in more nuances to shade and shadow across the display.


, Deeper Blacks

Top picture quality for films, ads, and streaming in low light is only possible with better control over the darkness of the display.


, the Power Efficiency

Mini display solutions do not require as much power as previous models. This means you get a better picture at a lower operating cost.


, Less Degradation

The encapsulation method and overall design of mini display solutions result in higher durability and longer-lasting equipment.


Where to Use Mini Display Solutions?


The beauty of mini display technology is that it is so reliable no matter where you decide to place your systems. You could have an entire wall of mini LED displays all synced together at an outdoor arena or a single unit in the privacy of your own home.


The glare factor is the primary reason for this versatility. Yes, durability and lower operating costs help, but being able to have a clear, clean, and visually rewarding experience even when there is a light of sunlight around the display allows a broad range of applications.


Where to Get Started?


When you are ready to find a better mini display solution for your venue or private residence, talk to our experts at Refond. Our ability to integrate mini displays in everything from walls to home appliances gives us the experience to meet the needs of your business industry or niche market.


To speak with our professional and expert sales team, visit us online at www.refond.com. We are a leading manufacturer of mini LED screens and accessories ready to accommodate your order.

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