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LED Lighting

  • Low&Middle power

    - Material of lead frame:PPA/PCT;

    - SDCM≤5;LM80;

    - L70>54Khrs,L90>36Khrs;

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  • Standard filament

    - High temperature resistance, long liferime,high voltage;

    - Low current, used with linear power supply.

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  • Special filament

    - Flexiable for all kinds of design.

    - widely used in showcase, home, restaurant etc.

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  • EMC

    - High heat resistant,Anti-UV.

    - Application: street light, spot light,high bay light, flood light, tunnel light and so on general light.

    - EMC packaging.

    - High integration and small size.

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  • Low&Middle power

    - Material of lead frame:PPA/PCT;

    - SDCM≤5;LM80;Rohs

    - L70>54Khrs,L90>36Khrs

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Home Appliances

  • Home Appliances
    Used for display applications of kitchen appliances and small household appliances such as gas stoves, range hoods, water purifiers, rice cookers, etc.
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  • Automotive Decoration

    Used for inner screen displays of automotives, and the product can pass the performance requirements of the automotive regulations.

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  • Communication

    Used in communication fields such as routers, meshes, set-top boxes, etc.

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  • Industrial Control

    Widely used in consumer electronics and industrial applications LED; such as industrial equipment indicator lights

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  • Wearable Device

    The product is ultra-small and ultra-thin, which can be used in the application scenarios with concentrated requirements and good performance.

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  • White fill light led series
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  • EMC3535/3838 Series

    High power leds, alternatives for OSRAM led solutions

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  • 2835 Angle Series

    Low power SMD leds for replacements of lamp products

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LED Display

  • 3535RGBW/3535W Series

    Used for lighting decoration;

    - Diffusion design: Matte surface, soft light shape, surface light source characteristics; Lambertian diffused viewing angle, good RGB mixed light effect.

    - Low degradation, High reliability: Adopt high reliability chemical material design; With unique package technology to ensure the entire product life cycle and provide stable light output.

    - High contrast: All black lnkjet technology (Surface &Side view); The inner cavity of SMD is a white high-reflectance modified PPA layer; and ensure the highest reflection efficiency.

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  • 1212 Series

    - Applied to P1.9-P2.5 outdoor display;

    - 1212 Full color outdoor

    - High anti-back pressure: Use brand luminous chip, control semiconductor anti-back pressure specification from materials, and with strict production line grading control to ensure the requirements of high frequency refresh display.

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  • 1515 Series

    - Applied to P2.5-P4 outdoor display

    - Customized material design: Pure gold wire, C194 Copper LeadFrame, imported epoxy Encapsulant and modified PPA material design, to ensure long time application.

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  • 1921 Series

    - Applied to outdoor display above P3;

    -High outdoor performance: Complete outdoor waterproof, Anti-moisture, Anti-salt spray product capability, IPX5 waterproof grade;

    - Full-color SMD LEDs are designed for high performance SMD outdoor display.

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  • 2727 Series

    - Applied to outdoor display above P4

    Low lead design:

    - 2727 PIN High0.65mm;

    Convenient for customers to fill glue and do mask design, and make the LED luminous surface higher than mask.

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  • 3535 Series

    - Applied to outdoor display above P6

    Low lead design: 3535 PIN High1.00mm; Convenient for customers to fill glue and do mask design, and make the LED luminous surface higher than mask.

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  • 4 in 1 P1.92 Series

    Applied to P1.92 indoor display

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  • 1010 Series

    - Applied to P1.5-P2.5 indoor display

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  • 1515 Series

    Applied to P1.8-P4 indoor display

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LED Backlight

  • Topview

    - Application: Large size TV/Educational machine/ Conference machine/Splicing screen/ Advertising machine/ Display etc.

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  • Sideview

    - Application: Side view TV/ Display, etc.

    - The product can meet the requirements of narrow frame, high luminous efficiency, high color gamut, good heat resistance and high reliability

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  • Topview
    - Application: Industrial control panel/ Instrument backlight/Reading light, etc.
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  • Sideview

    - Application: Cell phone/PAD/Laptop, etc.

    - With superior performance, it can meet the needs of high luminous efficiency, narrow frame, high color gamut and low energy consumption.

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Automotive Lighting

Specialty Lighting

  • Household & Industrial Equipment

    - Plenty of models and specifications; Rich Color.

    - The product has high reliability and strong anti-static ability.

    - Used in industrial equipment, refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliances.

    - Can replace chip LED and more excellent reliability. Application experience of big companies at home and abroad

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  • Intelligent Lighting

    - High color quality, high color fidelity and color rendition.

    - Very speicial, the diversification of products can meet the particularity of people's requirements for lighting, and reflect different personalities.

    - Different package models are available.

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  • Signage LED

    - Used in community publicity column project, bus and subway advertising column, architectural display project, exhibition center, etc.

    - The products are rich and diverse, and can provide customers with customized solutions.

    - LM-80 passed.

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  • LED flexible strips

    - EN6271 photobiological safety certification, which greatly reduces blue light hazards compared with traditional lamps.

    - Used in home interior decoration, hotel, bar and other places decoration.

    - The spectrum is continuously saturated, high color rendering, close to the solar spectrum.

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  • Grow Light LED

    - Used in the field of plant lighting such as seedling cultivation, rhizomes, leaf vegetables, melons and fruits, tissue culture, greenhouse lighting, hemp, etc.

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  • Medical Beauty

    - Medical cosmetology, facial mask instrument, etc.

    - Monochrome, three-color or four-color, wavelength can be customized with customer.

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Invisible light

  • UVA Curing

    - From 0.2W to 300W all series.

    - Selected excellent material and with high thermal conductivity.

    - Great packaging process provide high optical power and good reliability,also with good air tightness.

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  • UVC Sterilization/UVB Phototherapy

    - Eutectic technology, excellent heat dissipation, high optical power.

    - Ceramic + quartz lens package, high reliability.

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  • Horticultural LED lighting/Phototherapy

    - The product has good stability and high reliability.

    - Uniform light color and extremely high light extraction efficiency.

    - Abundant types of wavelengths can provide customers with customized services.

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  • Magic Partner

    - Safe, reliable, and healthy.

    - Exquisite appearance and easy to use.

    - Institutional certification, high sterilization rate.

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  • Security

    - Rich angles.

    - Cost-effective.

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